My worst job ever was at a sex shop in Oslo, at which I lasted a whole day before legging it and changing my phone number. This sex shop turned out not to be the friendly sort that middle-aged couples, teenagers and cheerful sex enthusiasts visit, but more the kind that men with baseball caps pulled far down their foreheads lurk impatiently outside at 9 in the morning, hands in pockets, uncomfortably delighted at the sight of a new girl behind the counter. Also, the owner was a creep. But I have had a host of other, less pervert-friendly jobs, and since taking a career pivot a few years ago in a new country, building a good network here has been tough (can you say culture shock?) but fun (can you say culture shock?).

  • On being a loud-mouthed introvert

    On being a loud-mouthed introvert

    Whenever I tell people that I used to be a wallflower at school, they laugh loudly in my face and tell me to pull the other one. I don’t blame them (though I can secretly plan to maim them while they sleep). I’m sort of a social Christmas beetle. It’s like a social butterfly, but […]

  • Some of us were never meant to understand

    The title is rather dramatic for the actual content of this post. What I want to talk about, and what has been on my mind all morning is: how the fuck does everybody else know what’s going on? And by ‘what’, I mean ‘everything’. I spend my life in a perpetual state of confusion. I […]

  • Southern Suburbs Surrender – An average Monday Commute

    Southern Suburbs Surrender – An average Monday Commute

    I always enjoyed taking the bus. Two years ago, when I had given up on being manhandled by taxi gaatjies, I turned to the old (un)faithful Golden Arrow services which, though the waiting time was a little random and the bus terminus was a little rank, was a far more pleasurable and spacious experience if […]

  • The Speaker – Didintle Ntsie

    The Speaker – Didintle Ntsie

    This rad human is someone I’ve had the very good fortune of being acquainted with for at least 7 years. We met, initially, through the fluid madness that was Observatory in the mid 2000s – to be honest, we may have been living in the same house, but one can’t be sure of living arrangements […]

  • Quick Update (and *poof!* explosion)

    Quick Update (and *poof!* explosion)

    Updates on the madness in Harfield Village (for those interested): 1. Most of us who were pleading for the eradication of racial profiling & for less viciousness among community members were booted from the Harfield Village Association page on Facebook, after there was an enormous outcry against all the sneaky racism finding its way to […]

  • This is interesting

    On Wednesday night, while I celebrated the return of a friend to Cape Town from the wondrous and exciting world that I presume Joburg to be, I received my first alert on my “phone” (or rather, alleged phone. It’s a Blackberry with the battery life of about 20 minutes & the functionality of a digital […]