• I Didn’t Do It

    I didn’t start the diary, that is. I keep telling myself I don’t have time for it, and then procrastinating until some future date like, say, next Monday. Wait no, the first of Jan. Along with most people’s fitness resolutions and my promises to organise my underwear drawer. Actually, I don’t take this lightly (despite my careless words above). […]

  • The Speaker – Didintle Ntsie

    The Speaker – Didintle Ntsie

    This rad human is someone I’ve had the very good fortune of being acquainted with for at least 7 years. We met, initially, through the fluid madness that was Observatory in the mid 2000s – to be honest, we may have been living in the same house, but one can’t be sure of living arrangements […]

  • The Fighter: Jongi Kanko

    The Fighter: Jongi Kanko

    So Cape Town has quite a number of people worth turning our short attention spans to. This is the first cool person I’ve been fortunate to profile, and I’m really excited about the various projects he has going. But apart from the projects, it’s his persona, too, which has people lining up to join his team. When […]

  • Little Girls Know It All

    Little Girls Know It All

    Walking in the CBD at lunchtime, you usually get an overwhelming amount of Life Experience. Experiences such as having your Blackberry liberated from your pocket, tripping over loose cobblestones, having a guy shout ‘Ow, girl!’ at while you scowl at both him and the wind trying to knock your skirt up in the air for […]