• Putting a tentative toe back in the exercise pond

    The pond’s not really metaphorical. This morning the university gym was literally flooded with an unspecified liquid, so all my toes were drenched. And my ankles, and my enthusiasm. I could only imagine it was sewerage. Anyway, I reported it and it stopped, but I think the two activities were unrelated. Even when you’re not […]

  • Some of us were never meant to understand

    The title is rather dramatic for the actual content of this post. What I want to talk about, and what has been on my mind all morning is: how the fuck does everybody else know what’s going on? And by ‘what’, I mean ‘everything’. I spend my life in a perpetual state of confusion. I […]

  • Health At Every Size – Fuck Yes.

    Health At Every Size – Fuck Yes.

    If you haven’t heard of Health At Every Size, go visit their page & read a bit of the lovely common sense it delivers (for free! No charge!). I will confess now that, despite my fervent Catholic-Primary-School-prayers to induce showers of rain on P.E. days or strike down my Phys. Ed. teacher (twist: my evil P.E. […]

  • “Insanity – The Asylum” Workout – Er, hate the name, dig the moves.

    “Insanity – The Asylum” Workout – Er, hate the name, dig the moves.

    I fluctuate between being in pretty decent shape to groaning every time I get up off the couch. And I’ve just got a new (well, second-hand, so rather old but pretty) couch, and I rather don’t like the look of the butt-imprint that’s forming there. The ‘butt-movements’ section of this blog is about my forays into […]