• Harfield, I’m out.

    Harfield, I’m out.

    Hypothetical scenario. You have a dilemma. You live in a neighbourhood which you sort of enjoy (mostly because of the high ratio of bars to residents). It’s built on lies and bad history (aren’t they all?) and you want to make a change. Change the legacy, make a bit of a dent in the future you […]

  • Trains, canes & hungry dames – Kalk Bay Eating

    Trains, canes & hungry dames – Kalk Bay Eating

    This post was originally from June 23 2014 on a different blog. Today was a day with Ma (my grandmother). We’d planned to go to my eat out in my neighbourhood, but it seems Mondays are not good days for people in the Southern Suburbs. So we went on an adventure. Uh, all the way to […]

  • An Unlikely Coffee Haunt – Lansdowne Recycling Centre

    An Unlikely Coffee Haunt – Lansdowne Recycling Centre

    Alright. Nobody expects a coffee shop at their local recycling centre. And then, after the initial surprise, one really doesn’t expect it to be this GOOD. A week or so ago, on an early Saturday morning, I was trying out a new recycling establishment after the Grumpy Guses at my old one made me wonder […]

  • Little Girls Know It All

    Little Girls Know It All

    Walking in the CBD at lunchtime, you usually get an overwhelming amount of Life Experience. Experiences such as having your Blackberry liberated from your pocket, tripping over loose cobblestones, having a guy shout ‘Ow, girl!’ at while you scowl at both him and the wind trying to knock your skirt up in the air for […]