This site is a personal account of the very local, the micro, the stuff I might trip over. It is now focussed on local travel (in Scandinavia, which is now where local is), and short fiction.

The following interests & hobbies form a focus in this blog:

  • Local history & heritage
  • Information about my life that might be interesting for my family, most importantly my grandma, who I miss so much now that I’ve moved 14k kilometers away.
  • Ranting – unfortunately, lots of ranting (about racism, sexism, all the isms).

I am Capetonian, and wildly uncool, so my advice must be taken lightly. You can e-mail me at kingterryjo@gmail.com.

If you are looking for a real travel blog, I recommend going somewhere with tips by people who find out the important information such as how much it costs to take a bus in Barcelona, etc. From me you might find such info, but there is a very good chance it will be wrong, because I am easily confused by most things. But stay if you want to catch the mood of a place, find out what not to do, or find out where I’ve already been so as to go there afterward and be less likely to bump into me.

It is me.


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