September 2018

  • Love, lakes (and Swedish-priced liquor!) in Lidköping (Sweden).

    Love, lakes (and Swedish-priced liquor!) in Lidköping (Sweden).

    Ohmygodohmygodohmygod. Oh sure,  Lidköping was fabulous, lovely, excellent even. But the most exciting part was that we had a FULL, TODDLER-FREE WEEKEND. That’s correct. Almost four years into being parents, and we’re already running about, care-free, tasting meringues and sleeping until nine in the morning. The obscene decadence of it. It was bliss. But to […]

  • Jomfruland, Kragerø (Telemark, Norway)

    Jomfruland, Kragerø (Telemark, Norway)

    Some weeks ago we were invited to celebrate the birthday of a friend at a rented house three hours outside of Oslo. The invite was extended by a pair of people so delightful that I would have probably agreed to tag along if they told me Billy Corgan would be there performing only songs from […]

  • Short Story – Jomfruland

    Short Story – Jomfruland

    This room smells like lavender. I haven’t been able to find any vases or bottles of essence, so I assume its just part of the room itself, seeped somehow into the hundred-year-old wood of the walls and the floor. For now I don’t mind it, but perhaps tonight – god, why do they make all […]