Precious words and important advice

Months have passed since my last post. Much has happened, of course, most notably my sheer and utter neglect of most of my pastimes and projects (duh, like this blog).

So instead of feeling sorry about it, I’m going to relish in a little streak of obnoxiousness by saying that it secured me a some pretty delightful grades in my first two master’s courses & saw me failing just a little less at my job. Oh, and my baby lives to tell the tale too. But that’s all on him. I don’t know where he gets his beans from. He’s full of them!

I’m stopping by here today to share a little wisdom now that my brain seems to have received a stamp of approval from some higher beings sitting inside the UCT ivory tower and wisdom is what I am undoubtedly full of. It is this:

If you suspect, even for a microsecond, that the cottage cheese you are eating might be off (I’m going to do the rest in CAPS because this is very important), DON’T EAT IT. I know this, because I have not not eaten it (that is, I consumed it with a mix of relish and suspicion) on numerous occasions. All of which did not end well for me nor any who might have sought out my company in the hours which followed.

That is it. Oh, also, the same applies to fish.

I am now off to further neglect this blog for a short while while I try to recover some of the lovely relationships I built during the Claremont Histories project & complete an unrelated assignment which I know will bore me as much as I am sure it will bore the person who gave it to me. Well, I can only hope he suffers too.

Also, bugger you wordpress and your new layout, you lost me precious words just now. Precious words! Oh, you don’t remember any words? Convenient!


cottage cheese

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