July 2015

  • Defending the Failure to Cope

    Defending the Failure to Cope

    Recently I’ve been receiving a lot of encouraging and supportive messages from the people I meet and people I know. I appreciate it because it keeps me going strong and makes me feel as though I can conquer the world! However, the unintended effect of this praise also has me feeling a little unsure, a […]

  • Google Image Search Makes a Mockery of My Dreams

    Google Image Search Makes a Mockery of My Dreams

    I’m, like, proper grown up now. For my last birthday I received from my partner a toolbox and a barbell. Life has become about the practical. My dad also saw fit to give me a book on raising calm children, so I spent the weekend trying to train my baby like that dog in Vendetta […]

  • Precious words and important advice

    Months have passed since my last post. Much has happened, of course, most notably my sheer and utter neglect of most of my pastimes and projects (duh, like this blog). So instead of feeling sorry about it, I’m going to relish in a little streak of obnoxiousness by saying that it secured me a some […]