Putting a tentative toe back in the exercise pond

The pond’s not really metaphorical. This morning the university gym was literally flooded with an unspecified liquid, so all my toes were drenched. And my ankles, and my enthusiasm. I could only imagine it was sewerage. Anyway, I reported it and it stopped, but I think the two activities were unrelated.

Even when you’re not covered up to your legs in waste, it’s HARD getting back into action. But I’m persistent for numerous reasons – the main one being sleep.

Recently, I’ve discovered that 4 month-old babies don’t really understand what sleep is. Yes, they do plenty of it and they certainly seem to enjoy it (I’ve caught my little one straight up cackling while slumbering), but they don’t understand how it’s supposed to work, really. I’ve tried telling the kid: “Sleep, stay asleep, wake up seven hours later.”

He’s having none of it.

So I’m up at 5am anyway, and I thought: I might as well be at the gym, getting my energy back and making sure I get some proper sleep later. I always sleep better when I’m active. I’m sure there’s some science to that, but I am too lazy to look it up and would rather you depend on personal anecdotes & those terrible inspirational fitness memes to get you to work out (I kid, I want to burn those memes).

As mentioned in a previous post, I tried boxing for 2 weeks. It was incredibly fun & a fantastically good workout. For those in the Claremont area, Impakt gym in Stadium-on-Main is pretty cheap (R320 I think if you’re a student) and has very nice trainers. But the downside is that, if you do manage to find them on the mysterious mezzanine parking level (I’m surprised I found may way there more than once), you can only do so from 10am onward. 10AM! THAT’S THE FUCKING AFTERNOON TO A PARENT.

Also, the name is spelled with a ‘K’. I wasn’t sure I could get over that. Reminded me of those biscuits my friend Kerrin loathed made by Kwality bakes. Yowzer. Nothing says ‘Quality’ like spelling it with a ‘K’.

But I might go back to that gym sometime, so I’ll stop laying into them.

That's what Quality with a 'K' looks like. Source: http://kwalityrestaurant.co.in/
That’s what Quality with a ‘K’ looks like.
Source: http://kwalityrestaurant.co.in/

My most recent butt-movement experiments are of the old-fashioned kind. Cardio & weights. I go to the student gym at around 6 or 7, do 20 minutes of warm-up cardio (bikes & treadmill or elliptical) and by the time I’m finished I’m no longer a zombie and am pleasantly surprised to see that I’ve remembered to wear pants before I left the house. Then I awkwardly make my way to the weights section where other equally-awkward student-types lurk and flex, and I try to decipher what the Tippexed numbers are on the dumbells & barbells. Is that 25kg, OH GOD NO NO NO, SOMEBODY HELP ME QUICK!

This is my first week back in the gym. It’s been fun and my body remembers the moves. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also, I’m looking for a cheap trainer there at the gym. I asked a random girl if she was one, but I think she was just bossing her friend around. If you’re a trainer in training, come help a sister out.

Good luck with your workouts. I’m now going the fuck to sleep.

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