March 2015

  • OVERHEARD… on Adderley Street this morning

    “Plums! Lekker plums! Lekker plums for your bums!”  

  • This is tumbleweed blowing across the food tab.

    This is tumbleweed blowing across the food tab.

    I had big plans regarding this food tab. Sure, it was a poorly-veiled excuse to eat out more under the guise of being a local travel guide informing all the tourist hordes about the best places to grab a bite in non-touristy locales. But I was quite excited about it. Then I went and had […]

  • Putting a tentative toe back in the exercise pond

    The pond’s not really metaphorical. This morning the university gym was literally flooded with an unspecified liquid, so all my toes were drenched. And my ankles, and my enthusiasm. I could only imagine it was sewerage. Anyway, I reported it and it stopped, but I think the two activities were unrelated. Even when you’re not […]

  • On being a loud-mouthed introvert

    On being a loud-mouthed introvert

    Whenever I tell people that I used to be a wallflower at school, they laugh loudly in my face and tell me to pull the other one. I don’t blame them (though I can secretly plan to maim them while they sleep). I’m sort of a social Christmas beetle. It’s like a social butterfly, but […]