December 2014

  • I Didn’t Do It

    I didn’t start the diary, that is. I keep telling myself I don’t have time for it, and then procrastinating until some future date like, say, next Monday. Wait no, the first of Jan. Along with most people’s fitness resolutions and my promises to organise my underwear drawer. Actually, I don’t take this lightly (despite my careless words above). […]

  • Saved by the pen – let’s start a diary

    Saved by the pen – let’s start a diary

    I started this blog quite recently, and have been trying to tinker a little with its identity. Initially, it was to have a practical purpose – to put my own spin on the way my town is perceived in order to help others get to enjoy some of the things I find cool (and to help […]

  • The Speaker – Didintle Ntsie

    The Speaker – Didintle Ntsie

    This rad human is someone I’ve had the very good fortune of being acquainted with for at least 7 years. We met, initially, through the fluid madness that was Observatory in the mid 2000s – to be honest, we may have been living in the same house, but one can’t be sure of living arrangements […]

  • Quick Update (and *poof!* explosion)

    Quick Update (and *poof!* explosion)

    Updates on the madness in Harfield Village (for those interested): 1. Most of us who were pleading for the eradication of racial profiling & for less viciousness among community members were booted from the Harfield Village Association page on Facebook, after there was an enormous outcry against all the sneaky racism finding its way to […]