November 2014

  • This is interesting

    On Wednesday night, while I celebrated the return of a friend to Cape Town from the wondrous and exciting world that I presume Joburg to be, I received my first alert on my “phone” (or rather, alleged phone. It’s a Blackberry with the battery life of about 20 minutes & the functionality of a digital […]

  • Harfield, I’m out.

    Harfield, I’m out.

    Hypothetical scenario. You have a dilemma. You live in a neighbourhood which you sort of enjoy (mostly because of the high ratio of bars to residents). It’s built on lies and bad history (aren’t they all?) and you want to make a change. Change the legacy, make a bit of a dent in the future you […]

  • Advertising Helpdesk Issue #1

    Advertising Helpdesk Issue #1

    In which I buy a magazine and laugh at its content. In this instance, its cute little adverts. —————————– I’m laughing at the ads in one of the only magazines I’ve actually bought. It’s that one you get at the front of the Pick n Pay till (Fresh Living). Things I have noticed: this isn’t a […]

  • Health At Every Size – Fuck Yes.

    Health At Every Size – Fuck Yes.

    If you haven’t heard of Health At Every Size, go visit their page & read a bit of the lovely common sense it delivers (for free! No charge!). I will confess now that, despite my fervent Catholic-Primary-School-prayers to induce showers of rain on P.E. days or strike down my Phys. Ed. teacher (twist: my evil P.E. […]

  • Trains, canes & hungry dames – Kalk Bay Eating

    Trains, canes & hungry dames – Kalk Bay Eating

    This post was originally from June 23 2014 on a different blog. Today was a day with Ma (my grandmother). We’d planned to go to my eat out in my neighbourhood, but it seems Mondays are not good days for people in the Southern Suburbs. So we went on an adventure. Uh, all the way to […]

  • The Fighter: Jongi Kanko

    The Fighter: Jongi Kanko

    So Cape Town has quite a number of people worth turning our short attention spans to. This is the first cool person I’ve been fortunate to profile, and I’m really excited about the various projects he has going. But apart from the projects, it’s his persona, too, which has people lining up to join his team. When […]